Interested in Free Travel?

Have a group of friends, family or co-workers you would like to travel with?

First step to FREE Travel is to pick a tour from our Croswell VIP Travel Guide.

When we receive (15) fifteen Reservations on your selected Croswell VIP Tour, you will RECEIVE A FREE TOUR!!!

Other Great Benifits:

If you get 10 or more people to travel with you on yoru selected Croswell VIP Tour you can requset a pick up location exclusive to your group.

We will provide all materials needed to help you promote your selected tour.  You will be provided reservation froms and we will handle all money transactions.

We will hold seats exclusively for you and your group. This will assure you plenty of time to promote your selected Croswell VIP Tour.  We will send all information for a successful trip your group ten days before departure.  Each person will receive a timed itienary, name and luggage tags.  We look forward to you traveling with us soon!


Ellen Croswell Morrison, ext. 126, 1-800-782-8747 or 513-724-2206.